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If you are interested in marketing Studdio Store products, we will tell you in this section one of the most relevant ways to do so

Franchises are one of the two modalities that we have implemented to market Studdio Store products through associates.

Under this modality you will be able to have the exclusive marketing of Studdio Store products, in a certain geographic region, that is to say that no other associate, not even Studdio Store, will be able to contract clients in the entire area established for your franchise.

The minimum area for the establishment of a franchise is a country, the maximum being a region. Once the scope area is established, your exclusivity over the acquired franchise area will be established among those associated with Studdio Store, who make up other franchises or direct sales, which implies that the other associates will not be able to take clients in that area.


What is the cost of the Franchise?

It constitutes an annual payment, which will allow you to operate for a calendar year from the moment the franchise is established. The price of this annual payment is established at a canon of USD $ 12.- for every million inhabitants of the established area. In this way, for example, if you establish an area of ??a country with 40 million inhabitants, the annual fee to be paid will be USD $ 480.- and you will have absolute exclusivity over that area.


What other fee will you have to pay?

You must pay Studdio Store 30% of the total sales made. As Studdio Store offers a monthly service to all clients, 70% of the income of your clients within the established area will be for you.


What does Studdio Store offer you for your franchise?

It gives you the whole platform. You will operate within the Studdio Store environment, you will not have to deal with more than serving your clients and managing their services, which implies the management of service accounts, as contracted by your clients within the plans that Studdio Store sells.

The main page of Studdio Store ( will be customized for your franchise when a visitor enters from the area established for it. All contacts from that area will be referred to you.

All your clients' sites will be established within the Studdio Store platform, this is a basic requirement, in order to be able to control all services, control that also includes the fact that only you can market the product within the established area. for your franchise.


Can I market products outside of my franchise area?

If in that area outside of your franchise there is no other established franchise, you will be able to do so, but it will be marketed under the other marketing modality that we offer, called “Sell Studdio Store”, which has other requirements, get to know them from here.


How are payments to Studdio Store for services processed?

All payments are derived through the PayPal service, globally, unless there is a localized service contracted by Studdio Store for a specific country. However, you must have a PayPal service account to be able to collect payments from your customers, since the Studdio Store system works with this service.

Monthly payments to your customers will be charged through our PayPal account, from which the corresponding amounts will be transferred to your account, subtracting the established percentage, within 24 hours of receiving the payment from the customer.

If any of your clients are in default, his account will be suspended according to the terms and conditions established for the service.


What do we offer you so that you can decide on the franchise system?

Our entire platform for you to try, without any commitment. You will be able to internalize yourself about how it works, for which we will designate an assistant who will guide you in all the processes at all times, for a period of one month. After that, if you are satisfied, in full agreement and decided to move forward, we will draw up the franchise contract and you will be able to get going with your personal Studdio Store project.

For this, just contact us right now. We will attend to you as soon as possible to help you and guide you in all your queries, including all those that you have found in this section.

Go ahead with your franchise project at Studdio Store!