Everything you need to know about Studdio Store

Here we will tell you about the highlights of Studdio Store. so that you can have a complete overview about the tool, and that you can see how easy it can be to have one online store.

It is precisely the latter, one of the strong aspects of Studdio Store., its versatility, a feature that brings together several aspects and that enables any profile to configure the web if they need to possess some knowledge of programming.

With all this, let's now see the most relevant aspects of the tool.

Studdio Store

Our creative tool

We show you some general aspects of our e-commerce tool. See how easy it is to create a page for your business. Just a few minutes!

Real-time orders
Featured products
Price manager
Manage lists and prices
The result
Your e-commerce website

The operation of the tool involves two work platforms:

The development environment, managed by Studdio Store..

The execution environment, which is the result of the configuration made in the first point, and which is ultimately nothing other than the e-commerce website.

The development environment will allow us to define all the aspects that will make our website. They are divided into three configuration chapters and an operational one.


Configuration chapters

The system will ask us to define aspects related to:

The operating account

Products to be marketed



The operating account

It will allow us to define the following elements:


Trade name

Branch offices

Personnel who will operate the application


And some other referential elements.


Branch offices

Regarding the subject of branches, it is important to highlight a concept that makes the strength of the system. In Studdio Store., an unlimited number of branches can be defined and each one can act independently of the rest, including having differentiated price lists.


Products to be marketed

They are, without a doubt, the main component of all electronic commerce, and a good configuration will result in a better visualization and therefore, greater possibilities of sales. We emphasize the importance of properly configuring the elements in this section.

Of the products to be marketed we can define:


What will be the highlights

Price lists

The preferences

Entry and exit movements by branch

Stock per branch

Regarding the price list, it can be updated individually by defined product, or a massive update through an upload.

The stock of each branch is automatically updated with the entry / exit movements generated by the merchant or the purchases made by customers.



It is another fundamental element of the application, which will allow you, with a simple click, to change the current template for another available one and in this way show a different appearance on the site. You will be able to select from a set of predetermined templates, the one that you like the most or rather, the one that you consider most appropriate for your business.

Periodically we will be updating the library of available templates.


The runtime environment.

You will find it in the application under the name of Monitor. There is a monitor for each branch. The monitor will show you in real time all the activity on the page, the orders made by your customers and you can manage them at your convenience. You will be able to derive the payments to the client and dispatch your order.



These are the fundamental aspects of the tool. There are other aspects that you can see in detail by interacting with the application.

You can know it, it is not necessary that you subscribe to any plan for it, just follow the links that you will find on this page and check yourself all the power of Studdio Store..


At the end of it all, you will also find an assistant in the design environment that will guide you through the entire process of building your website./p>

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